Contributions to Rotary Foundation funds enable Rotarians to carry out humanitarian and educational projects.

It is your responsibility as a Rotarian to participate in our Foundation.

Donors may direct their gifts to three main funds:

  1. The Annual Programs Fund, which supports the Foundation's humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs worldwide
  2. The Permanent Fund, which provides an endowment
  3. The PolioPlus Fund.

Annual Programs Fund: Gifts to this fund are held and invested for 3 years.  At the end of 3 years, one half of the funds collected by the Rotary District are returned to them for use as District Designated Funds.  The other half is placed in the World Fund for large humanitarian grants.  The interest is used to administer the Foundation.

Permanent Fund: Gifts to this fund are held forever.  The interest on these funds is used to supplement the Annual Programs Fund and the World Fund.

PolioPlus Fund: Gifts to this fund are directly used to eradicate Polio from our world.

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